Finishing in front of goal

Finishing in front of goal

 In my opinion, I feel like scoring goals is the most challenging part of the game. Being able to put the ball in the back of the net is the primary focus so make sure you’re paying attention. Let’s jump right in.

1. Great technical Ability

You have to be able to control the ball if you want success in front of the goal. If you can’t take a great set up touch before the shot, you’ll never get your shot off, not getting your shot off means you can’t score goals. I’m a firm believer in forwards that have great touches because they give themselves a higher chance of scoring goals. So if you feel like your touch isn’t up to par, start to focus on improving your touch if you want coaches and scouts to take you seriously.

2. Understanding where the goalie is positioned


Understanding where the goalie is positioned

As a forward, you have to be aware of where the goalie is. If you never look up and see where the goalie is finding the back of the net may be difficult. Looking up before a shot gives you more of a chance to score because now you are intentionally shooting the ball where the goalie isn’t.

3. What kind of shot to take

If you don’t use the proper shot, it will be difficult to score goals. Forwards have to know when to use their laces and when to use the inside of the foot to curl a shot, or when they need to get a quick shot off. This ability develops over time by playing in games. The more games the play, the more scenarios you will see and be able to pull on those past experiences every time.

4. Strong Mentality.

Your mentality is one of the facets that will help you be better in front of goal. What is most interesting about soccer is the mental part is as necessary, and at times so many players forget to practice their mental capacity. Forwards, your mental ability requires you to decide what runs to make, making sure you’re positioning correctly, etc. 

5. Developing composure and being able to troubleshoot quickly.

Composure. What is Composure and how can we develop this attribute is something people have asked for the longest. It is a great question, and my answer to what composure is is the ability to be calm and level-headed in all situations. This is necessary for all soccer players, but I would say it is even more critical for strikers. Why? Because your job is to score goals and the opportunities you get in the game may be slim. Because you might get only two chances, your team is depending on you to score at least 1. There is pressure when playing forward and those who play the position well, have the composure to deal with stress and perform at a high level and score goals. Composure is the product of the other four topics we talked about earlier. If you have great technical ability, understand goalie positioning, know what kind of shot to take, and have a strong mentality, you’ll find yourself being calm on the field and playing under control.

These 5 attributes you have to develop if you want to be great in front of the goal. This is another aspect of your game that isn’t going to improve overnight. You’ll have to put in mindful work, be honest with yourself, and overcome obstacles.