Donovan Pines: What It Takes To Go Pro I #AskASoccerPro Show Ep 067

donovan pines

11-year MLS veteran Quincy Amarikwa goes live for the 67th episode of the #AskASoccerPro Show alongside his former teammate and current D.C. United player, Donovan Pines! In addition, two Perfect Soccer community members, John Hollinger and Brahim Keit join in to ask Quincy their most burning questions!

Check out what Quincy and Donovan discuss this week:

00:00 – 06:38: Rent Is Still Free

06:45 - 10:33 Why Do I Play Well At Practice And Not Games?

10:33 - 13:15 How To Deal With Training Without Friends

13:16 - 20:33 What Quincy Really Thinks Of Wayne Rooney

20:33 -23:23: Donovan Pines Joins The #AskASoccerPro Show

23:27 – 27:01: Donovan Pines: Greatest Lesson Learned In Being Pro

27:02 - 29:03 Donovan Pines: That One Day At Practice 👀

29:04 - 31:01: Donovan Pines: Recovering From Injury

31:02 - 34:01: Donovan Pines: How To Overcome Poor Training Sessions & Winning A National Title

34:02 - 37:15: Donovan Pines: On Zlatan And His Experience With The MSL

37:16 – 41:25: Quincy’s Red Card Story

41:26 – 44:15: John Hollinger: The Importance Of Financial Literacy

44:16 - 51:55: The One Thing Quincy Would Invest In

51:56 -53:48: Do Nice People Finish Last? 😯

51:33- 59:56: What It Takes to Go Pro


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Quincy Amarikwa (00:12):

Liking that!

Quincy Amarikwa (00:15):

Heather Ball. What's going on? Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. MD. CJ, what's going on? Earl Edwards. Joining in on the joining in on the live. Zachary. What's going on? What's up Joe Jackson? What's happening? Meg by DJ user. Met Ahmed. Dot. Give me those goat emojis. What's up everybody? Spam out heart button. Drop your, I'm in your head. Emojis. If you're feeling, if you're feeling it today and if you guys can hear me okay. I don't know if you can hear me on the good old earpiece. Jesus' hands from Earl would up a underscore Ernie 23. I'm loving that scene. The heart button come in. Sammy said what up, bro? What's happening? T Gabrielle, what? Ryan Masch Be Pro General Manager dropping I'm in your head emojis. Joe Jackson, dropping I'm in your head. Emojis. David, welcome in a Montreal impact meme. Say Quincy, we miss you in, in Montreal.

Quincy Amarikwa (01:17):

Hey, I miss Montreal to Montreal was a good time. Katie's jumping in a Chief Cultural Officer of Perfect Soccer. Mike, who would I put up? Put up those of you listening into the future over on the perfect soccer radio station, the whole community, John Hollinger, the whole community is dropping the Ironman a head emojis. I've seen that heart button being spammed, super mad, crazy and I'm feeling the excitement cause I know everybody is ready for another episode of the #AskASoccerPro Show. Oh, episode 67 dang. Think about that. I know everyone just started their Instagram live video podcasts like in this last like two weeks. So maybe two or three weeks. So they're on like episode four or five but we're on episode 67 what up? Who's been here since episode one

Quincy Amarikwa (02:07):

Who's been here since episode one who's been here since episode 10 who's been here since episode 25 and who's been here since episode at least 45 let me see, you guys drop in if you've been in there like Jesus' hands, hands up, all that kind of stuff. Or, or drop into number from the number episode you've joined in from. And then if you joined in, let's say you joined in on episode 45, at what episode? Have you gone all the way back to you and started to get caught up? Because for those of you who don't know, over here on the #AskASoccerPro Show, we talk about the MSL the Mental Strength League. I mean your head. It is a game where you are an unconscious viewer. You're either an unconscious participant and you're steady getting played or you're an active participant and you join us here every Thursday to break down the MSL, understand the mindset, the philosophy, the ideology that we're talking about and building here on a week, weekly basis.

Quincy Amarikwa (03:04):

And the MSL mentality, MSL mindset is the mindset you need to accomplish your goals. So if you want to accomplish your goals, if you're someone who goes like, Hey, you know what, I'd like to accomplish goals. My goals are pretty cool. Hey, do you like goals? Yeah, I've heard of goals too, but I don't really know how to accomplish them. We'll have you heard of the MSL? Yes, I have. But have you been practicing the MSL? No, I have not. Well, that is why you have not been accomplishing your goals. And if you don't know what the MSL is, and you want to understand what the MLS is, M L S is watch soccer on TV. But if you want to understand what the MSL is, join us here every Thursday for the #AskASoccerPro Show. Can some of you guys also drop in what you've been learning in the MSL, what you've taken away for those who have not been a part of the community for very long, and make sure you guys are connecting with each other, not only in the comment section here on the Thursday for joining on the live during these turbulent times, but also after the show because John John knows team work makes the dream work.

Quincy Amarikwa (03:58):

Zuri what's going on? Welcome. Zuri a Serena just joined in. What up? What up? What up Aaron Flowers joined in on the live. Shout out Aaron. What's happening brother? Good to see you. Christian. I'm in your head. Emojis. but let's see. What were today's gonna be a good one. So today we're going to make it a kind of a classic asset soccer per show episode where for those of you who are interested in calling in request to call in, you'll get a minute to ask your question. We'll get, we'll get right to it. We'll break it down and we'll make our way through. So as people pop in the live and want to join in, we'll have you come in and we'll get, we'll get that going. So we'll Thompson 2021. So what ups brother. And then I'll also be answering questions here in the chat.

Quincy Amarikwa (04:57):

So let's see what we got here. A CC night at Oh three, since a lot of time is thinking about you right now. Of course, of course he is. Of course, because I've been in his head for a long time and as you guys know, we've been given out that free rent for time, MSLs, guys, MSLs greater than MLS. It's just a fact. It's a fact and people can be in denial, but we all know the truth is true. Whether you believe it or not, so it doesn't really matter. And if you guys are a little bit of love in that free mental space of free rent, spend that hard button. Oh look at that. Drop the mind in your head emojis and let me know like, how's your free rental space? Ben has been pretty good. Sammy said, I've been on since five. Mike says, been here since 10. Brian said I was here since 25. Creation says episode four, I believe we've got some OGs here. Jordan said, I've been here since episode two.

Quincy Amarikwa (05:53):

This is, that's awesome. I'm loving that. And fear not for those of you who are late to the party, the party is still going and there's plenty, there's plenty of fun and free rent to go around. The free, the rent is free for a lifetime here, so there's no problem. Tell all your friends, family, everyone, come on over. Come join us. Look at that. Every spam, that heart button, loving that and everyone can get caught up. Beloved. Seeing that. Lots of OGs here in the chat. But we'll get into it. K 23 said what up Quincy? Got the casual look going on tonight. Yeah, I'm back in California. You guys, the sun's out, sun's out, guns out. Sometimes Ben's out. You guys know what it is.

Quincy Amarikwa (06:46):

Let's see what we got. Joe. Jack said, Oh my God. Can't remember. Start around beginning of March last year, maybe earlier. Yes. I'm loving that. Loving that love and that dedication. So, all right, let's start getting into the questions.

Quincy Amarikwa (07:03):

I'm ready to go. Ahmed said, why do I always play well at practice, but in games I don't play the same. I don't always play well in practice because practice, chances are, and this is me guessing now, but chances are you feel more relaxed at practice because you've, you, you're not scared of making mistakes and practice. But once you get in the game, now you're scared to make mistakes because people are watching you. But you need to practice. You need to practice and practice the same way you need to practice and practice and think about practice the same way that you approach the game. And and your focus shouldn't be on you. You shouldn't care that you're gonna make mistakes because making mistakes is part of the game that's going to happen. And the only way you're going to get better over time is to make lots and lots of mistakes. The more mistakes you see someone making, the more likely that that person is going to be successful in the future. Most people make fun of people who are making mistakes because it's really, they're making fun of people who are making mistakes because they're insecure about them doing things that they believe will eventually make them better than them right now.

Quincy Amarikwa (08:08):

So if I can make fun of you and I can be negative towards you and I can get you to stop making mistakes and stop trying different things, then I can keep you in your place and I can prevent you from passing near getting better in the future. But if I can't make fun of you, and that's why you guys know the I'm in your head emojis, we take haters, haters, negativity, that negative hatred and all that, all that just negative stuff. And we just repurpose it, repackage it, recycle it, and turn it into poo power. You guys, if you're here a couple episodes ago, you know, we, the MSL mentality just is a, is a, is a negative, is a negativity recycling bin. We just take negative, we turn it into positivity and we L and we propel ourselves forward. So that's what I would for that. Let's see. Yo shout out made by DJ set, adapt or die. That is right coach Brunski what's going on? Welcome.

Quincy Amarikwa (09:10):

But, but boom, boom, since he Tucky soccer said, taking everything that you preach and investing it in my own players. Love that. Love that. All right, so let's see what we got. Okay. You guys know like, Ooh man, you guys know I fall behind on that chat. So let's see who's called in, who's called in. Okay. BYO. Deve let's see. Oh, that's not working. Jordan asks, you should take talk. I'm assuming you say talk, you should talk about how elite players can see the game through a hole where the lower level players see it through a straw. Oh, you talked about it before but the live didn't record. Ooh, that is true. Jordan is talking about a topic, probably one of the most like insightful concepts that I came up with on the fly that didn't get recorded. So that's a big reason for those of you who don't join in on the lives every week and expect to catch the live replay should definitely join in live because sometimes there are technical difficulties and you miss out on topics that we went through.

Quincy Amarikwa (10:09):

Oh man. Jordan, I got to think through how to reconvey that one. Jordan. I'm going to think more about that one cause that was a good one and I don't want to butcher it. So let me think more about that. And I can reshare that one. Paul, Head of Audio Engineering for Perfect Soccer, just joined in on the live. What's going on? Joe, the Joe Poe, the penguin asks MSL, advice for a youth team who are mentally struggling with not being able to practice with their friends. So first and first advice that I'd recommend for anyone and everyone who is needing things to do during this time and to maintain focus on getting better. So you're ready to go once you get back to the beautiful game is head over to perfect soccer account. And if someone could type that URL in the bottom go there and create yourself a free Perfect Soccer team membership.

Quincy Amarikwa (11:03):

Membership accounts. Ryan who is in the chat has done a great job to create a full week's PR at home program for you for free. And we've been developing this program and refining it over time, so that'd be a great place to start to really build, build the right mentality to be able to get to get through this. Mark Tackett had just joined in what's going on? Mark, welcome to the live ghost. Ghosty in Momo high for the last time. What's going on? Thank you very much Earl. Let me pin that comment. Yeah, so that would be the first advice. Go there, create an account. We're, we're, we're making that training center better with each passing week. It's getting, I mean, the level of stuff that we're putting in there is, is just super high level stuff. And the stuff that's in right now will, will help walk you step by step through what it is you're needing to do.

Quincy Amarikwa (11:57):

But not only that advice would really be focused on the things that are within your control. And I know right now that can be difficult for people because they feel like their whole world and their whole life is out of control right now. But try to self reflect and look at this as a great opportunity. One where you don't have the excuse of having too many things to work on to not be able to focus on yourself here right now. I mean, the number of people I've, I've talked to, you ran into said, I don't have time. I have to do this. I've got to go to soccer practice and I got to go to school and I got to work on this and I gotta be here and I gotta be there. And we got to go here and we got to do this and we've got to do that.

Quincy Amarikwa (12:33):

Well, guess what? Those are no longer things that you have to do. They're pretty much things that you can't do right now. You're not allowed to do. So. many people have had many excuses to not be able to sit with their own thoughts and to sit with their own BS and to sit with the things they've been procrastinating on for years. And here's your opportunity to do so. But you have to look at it as an opportunity because that's what it is. And that's what the MSL mindset is. It's looking at difficult times or times that most people would categorize or look at as difficult or impossible or whatever. And realize that that is the greatest time for opportunity. If you, if you if you take full advantage. So let's see what we got here.

Quincy Amarikwa (13:15):

Just call her up today. Ryan. Let's see if we're getting you in here. Like I said, Oh, Ryan declined, eh, said an in their requests. George says we need, I'm in your head. Socks. Love that. We'll get working on that. Serena, do we have any, should we let us know in the comments section? Do we have any socks in the store? Can we get socks up in the store? And for those of you who need or want some MSL moats, you want one of these dope hats, I mean your head mental strength league and over to perfect soccer That is perfect. Soccer get yourself some MSL merchant gear cause an investment in perfect soccer. And the MSL is just an investment in yourself. So are you someone who invests in themselves? If so, prove it by getting yourself some MSL. Merge, take some pictures in it and we shout you out on the account and show you across our platforms and channels.

Quincy Amarikwa (14:08):

And for those of you who didn't know, we just got the newly upgraded match balls in stock, Sage of DBZ, what's going on? Hand stitch, leather soccer balls with the, with now the mental strength league branded logo and all of our dope marketing stuff. You know, if you guys are loving the perfect soccer soccer ball span, that heart button, let me know your thoughts. You like it. Drop your arm and your head emojis if you're about that. The what are you guys thinking? Does anyone gotten themselves the new ball yet? Oh, that also makes me think if you guys want a ball, we're doing a special with skills Academy. I'm loving that. Skills Academy. Perfect. Soccer S. S a M our soccer training center, our PA, one of our paid products. Our paid soccer training center comes with the, with the brand new perfect soccer match ball. So George says, let's see. Heather said, well that ball is so cool. I agree. Paul goat said, how can I make the ODP team please, please answer it. Well, Paul, give me a little more information. How old are you? What level do you play out? What's your time frame? Why don't you think you're making it? And then from there we can kind of dissect or call in and we can talk about it. George said, what do you think about the attention that Rooney interview got

Quincy Amarikwa (15:40):

So George is talking about Wayne Rooney joined in on the live show. So was that episode 67 of the #AskASoccerPro Show, if you guys haven't watched it or heard it or listened to it yet, make sure you go and check out that replay. He came on and talked a little bit about the great inefficiencies and disadvantages of the American player here in the States in MLS. And it was, it was great to, it was great for such a high level, prolific, well-known player to join to come in on the show and talk about, you know, something that has been a serious issue and problem in the American system that has been ignored for a very long time for multiple reasons. But I think Wayne coming in, coming on the show last week and discussing it was able to shed a light, shed a light that most people weren't able to see because it, they needed somebody who they needed somebody of that stature to come in and, and speak up on it.

Quincy Amarikwa (16:41):

So I always respect Wayne for how he conducts himself, how he operates. I always saw that he was someone who wanted to understand what the issues were, wanted the truth, even when it wasn't something you wanted to hear and was willing to stand up for and, and say what he believed to be right. Whether, you know, you're not gonna be right about everything all the time, but he was someone who had to admit when he was wrong, but would also stand up when he thought something was wrong. And that episode I think that episode in our conversation gives you a kind of a, a good, a good insight as to the type of character that he has for his teammates. Joe Jackson said, saw the Adam IGP today, yo love and that you guys are starting to see we're turning on the advertising engine. Like I said, we've been building infrastructure working on, on the brand for years and it's been through with the support of every single one of the community members that we, our MSL army has been growing with each passing, with each passing day. Let's see what we got here.

Quincy Amarikwa (17:49):

Sonya put like, LOL. I

Quincy Amarikwa (17:49):

Don't know how you put that in like that Sonya, but that looked cool. Sarah joined in. What's going on?

Quincy Amarikwa (18:02):

  1. PG. Paul said that'd be a good idea. Autograph Quincy P S soccer balls. Well, I can do that if you guys purchase a perfect soccer soccer ball, let's say for at least the next, whoo. I, well actually I can't say that. Ooh, here's what I could do. Because the soccer balls we have at our, we have at our, our wholesale or, sorry, not our wholesale. I was just talking to my chemo about wholesale before the call. We've got our balls at our man. What are they called? Sorry, I'm drawing a blank. But our distribution centers is where we've got them at. So if you bought a ball, it would get sent to you directly from there. So I wouldn't be able to sign it. But having said that, I do have like three balls here and if you buy one of my jerseys on the site, I shouldn't even say that. All right. I've already said it. I'll limit it to like five jerseys. The first five people to buy a Jersey. I'll throw in a assigned, let's say three. I'm going to say the first three people to buy a Jersey, cause I only have three balls with me here right now. First three people to buy a Jersey. I'll include one of the match balls here and I'll sign that and mail that out. So good idea, Paul.

Quincy Amarikwa (19:16):

Mmm, well let's see. Let's see. Let's see, Dawn, did Dawn join in? Let's get done in here. Donny Earl, send Don a text, tell him to join back in the live and a call in. Need to talk to this man for a minute. And then we're looking at USC. I got this. Yeah, you see it? I got a little kind of like an England here under my nose and it's bothering me. Doesn't look pretty. It looks pretty gross. Oh man.

Quincy Amarikwa (20:02):

Oh yeah. Sam is the Omnicell cleats, man. I've been where we've been working on the MSL cleats for time, but I've got to buy like 3000 pairs just to get the molds done and I'll probably do that, come next year more. I probably do it sooner than later. Like when you guys buy out, if you guys buy all of our, all the soccer goals and soccer balls and stock, I'll just take that money, reinvest it and make the cleats. Mindy, Mindy did the throat face. Yeah. This, I'm saying it looks in rows. Huh?

Quincy Amarikwa (20:33):

Let's see. I occasionally say Quincy's hilarious. So subtle, but I love it. Hey, what are you going to do? What am I going to do? Listen guys, you can look this beautiful like all the time that sometimes, you know, you're going to get a couple of flaws here from time to time. You've got to embrace your flaws. Like whatever. [inaudible] You look at this, even with this on my face. Competence. That's an MSL mentality. Yeah. That's just MSL all over the place. Yeah. You guys go Chaim Donovan Pines and then making sure he joins in on the live. We'll just, we'll send them, we're super sad faces over on his super sad faces over on his most recent posts for not joining in. I never told anybody to leave the live. If you go leave the live on Don's account and tell him that he needs to join in on the live and call him out on it and then then jump back over if you want to do that. Yes. Cretia accretion said shamed on everyone. I love. I like this and we're going to be doing this more often. We can just start, we can start having fun. Like or is it the shame, the shame our, let's see what we got. Okay. Ah, daddy a look. That was quick. Look at how powerful our community is. Everybody. Teamwork makes the dream work. Yeah.

Donovan Pines (21:59):

You had to do that bro.

Quincy Amarikwa (22:05):

Shame, shame. Shame is man. Shit. What's up bro? How you feeling much?

Donovan Pines (22:18):

Just chilling. It's chill. What do you mean?

Quincy Amarikwa (22:21):

What have you been doing this off-season bro?

Donovan Pines (22:24):

I mean I've been working out in my backyard. Did you see from my Instagram video? And doing some Mandarin Chinese so I'm trying to learn that back again from from high school. So I've been doing that and then yeah, reading my biology book and just chilling.

Quincy Amarikwa (22:47):

And not trimming your beard at all clearly.

Donovan Pines (22:50):

No, that's just, just for intimidation.

Quincy Amarikwa (22:56):

Ah, I like that bro. Assert your dominance bro.

Donovan Pines (22:59):

That's true. That is fact. It's what you telling me. I'm in your head sir.

Quincy Amarikwa (23:04):

I love that. Yo, the, the community is spamming that heart button cause they love seeing that little beautiful face of yours. Look at that. Look how easy it is to get under it. Look at him looking at soundless shy. Look at that everybody. Oh all these compliments are making him blush.

Donovan Pines (23:21):

Is that possible?

Quincy Amarikwa (23:23):

I don't know. You tell me bro.

Quincy Amarikwa (23:27):

Yeah, I got nothing. Okay, great. Okay, we're going to get straight into it. Rapid fire cause we're going to get several people in here and I'm glad you jumped in the live. Everyone's excited to see you. What is the greatest lesson you've learned since the beginning of last year to now?

Donovan Pines (23:47):

I think biggest lesson, Hmm. Probably not to take things too seriously. So it was just, you know, living in the moment. I think I I felt like I was you know, just not living it up as the way I should be and always, you know, following I guess directions, which is good, but like doing I wanted to make sure that I was living my life to the fullest and stuff that, you know, I should probably experience as much as possible as, you know, as I turned to a professional player. And just experiencing what a professional athlete is and how you know, portraying ourselves.

Quincy Amarikwa (24:32):

Okay. All right. What's what's, what's a, what's an experience? And you tell me a story then, bro. Tell me stories, story, something. Tell me a story that taught you a lesson. What did you learn? What's, what's a story of, of you know, tell me a story from last year. What happened

Donovan Pines (24:47):

Last a season? I think it was what's his name? Yeah, Marquinhos. He knows his birthday and he was having just like a party after the game. And for me, you know, I, you know, in college I tried to just focus on school and in soccer, which was smart, you know, it was good. But then I realized like, I need to experience more. And so I was like, Oh, maybe I should just go to this party just to, you know, half of my teammates, you know, get to know everybody. And it turned out to be a great night. We enjoyed that. We had so much good times. I had great talks with you and your wife and your, your son. He was there. And you know, everyone else. And I got to do some, you know, dance moves and you know to express you know, my, my happiness and and it was, it was good. I got to express myself, you know, on the dance floor Marquinhos got the, got to sing a little bit and it was good. I got to see different sides of people that, you know, you wouldn't really see in the, in the AK workplace. So

Quincy Amarikwa (25:53):

Got you. Got you. Why do you think, what do you think you've gained from opening yourself up a little bit?

Donovan Pines (26:04):

Just the trusting of a lot of the guys and like who I am as a person. So I think they got to see a different side and see that, you know, my, my serious side, you know, maybe on the field and you know, my fun side, you know, off the field. And so I can be, you know, you know, genuine guy and you know really determined guy on the field, but then occupy that I can be, you know, a nice person, genuine person fun person. So just the, you know, also earn the respect of, you know, my, my teammates and my my friends and you know, it was, it was pretty, it was pretty cool. So.

Quincy Amarikwa (26:39):

We got you.You see, you see everyone's kind of spamming that heart. They're loving. They're loving that. The gentle giant that is Donovan Pines. Who did Earl, who'd you say? Don is the van Dyke. What's his name? MLS. What's his name? Van. Is that his name? Van Dyke. Okay. The van.

Donovan Pines (26:59):

Why is it Earl? Why is it Earl? Earl in this.

Quincy Amarikwa (27:02):

He is, he joins us every Thursday, bro. He participates in the community. He answers those questions. So building the team, bro. So let's, okay, tell me the, what, what was the Oh, what was the celebration about last year when I scored against new England revolution. Who was that about?

Donovan Pines (27:25):

Ah, okay. I mean, do you want to start with

Donovan Pines (27:31):

We were at practice. We were at practice.

Quincy Amarikwa (27:33):

I don't know, bro. Tell a story. Let's see. Let's see.

Donovan Pines (27:38):

All right, so we're at practicing and it was, it was super hot and I think we're warming up, right? And, and you we were warming up and we started stretching and then you started stretching it and then you started just to like, Oh, it's so hot. And then you start, you know, doing this with a pickaxe and I'm like, yo, yo, what are you doing bro? He's like, dude, I'm working on the MLS railroad, man. Are you joining the board? Are you coming to board? And I'm like, yeah man, we all started doing it. And it was just, it was just a fun time. It was, yeah, it was a fun a warmup actually that day. And then somehow in the game, I didn't know you were gonna do this, but you know, it was just spontaneous. So I guess, you know, the cross came in it wasn't, I think what happened. Did he go straight to some guy and wait,

Quincy Amarikwa (28:35):

We were, you were, you were occupying [name inaudible] on the far side. And he dropped the line early, so it kept me outside when Wayne whipped it in and then we scored that goal.

Donovan Pines (28:47):


Quincy Amarikwa (28:48):

And I was up and it was on the fly, bro. I was like, Hey, you're going to do it, bro.

Donovan Pines (28:52):

I looked at you. I said, okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then I'll try to, I hope you up. And then we got back in the, in the focus mode.

Quincy Amarikwa (29:02):

There you go. Okay. So, people are dropping in some of their questions so we can get to some questions we've got for you coming in and over here. We got how did you deal with overcoming your preseason injury?

Donovan Pines (29:15):

Ah, okay. So yeah, that was really, that was really tough cause I was you know, I was really prepared for, you know, this season. A lot of us were but given the circumstances you know, it's tough that where it is now. But I was like, you know, overseas with Swansea for like two weeks, I was training there. I felt really, I'm up to the task, I'm coming in the preseason and then right when we're about to go to our second part of preseason, so on set on my ankle and it just, you know, just folded. And that was really, really tough. And that was, that was kind of a thing. I was just like, I was like, why? Why does this happen? But you know, things happen for a reason, you know, so I'm a big believer, you know, in Christianity and God.

Donovan Pines (30:00):

So I know that things happen for a reason. I'll come back stronger and you know, smarter more, you know, aware of what's going on on the field and you know, who's near me and how I should, if I should go hard during crashes. So I was, I was trying to figure out all the stuff that I, that should prepare me when I come back. And so I'd be a little bit smarter coming back and right now I feel really good. I was about to travel to our next game or third game, but, you know do the circumstances. It didn't happen, but I'm feeling really good. I'm, I'm working really hard. I'm trying to stay in tune with the schedule that DC gives us for for this for what's going on. So so yeah, so that's a good question. So I'm, I'm working really hard. I'm trying to, you know, get back to everything to the way I play. And my, my mentality and hopefully I'll get another chance.

Quincy Amarikwa (31:01):

Got you. And then what Earl does is he aggregate some of the questions that we may miss in the channel and then writes them together. So, sorry if you ask the question, I don't know who, who sent it in, but we're all caught it for you. So do you, so this ones, this will be a good one for you. Do you ever have a poor individual session? If so, how do you deal with that?

Donovan Pines (31:22):

Yeah. So yeah, everyone has like a, a poor session, but you gotta take it, you know not too personal. Cause you know, you're human thing, you make mistakes and you're never perfect. So you always want to say, okay, I'll do better tomorrow. Or you know, the decks, you always want to just try to do better with the, you know, things that you're given. So the next day you tried to say, okay, I'll work on this tomorrow so I can be better for the next day. And I try to also talk to the coaches see what they have to say and see what I need to work on and so I can better myself for the for the next same in practice. Yes.

Quincy Amarikwa (32:04):

And we'll go, we'll go one more and I want to thank you for joining in and dropping in, letting that shame from the community you work positive, positive. You should ask where that's from. The positive peer pressure, bro. That was crazy. That part of that shit. That was crazy. Let's see what we got here. So last one and before I'll let you go and I'll get more questions from everybody here in the, in the, in the chat. And thanks for Don for joining in. Don, what was it like winning a national with University of Maryland, right?

Donovan Pines (32:42):

Yeah. honestly the, it a dream come true. I like, my team works so hard in the beginning. Let's see, we had like the hardest you know, schedule in college soccer history. So we were playing the top 25 teams every week, you know, and we were just putting so much effort out and somehow, you know, we figured out that we played similar teams and you know, we lost those teams, but let me play similar to you. It's just like those teams and then we figured out how to beat those teams. So when we got to the post season, you know, we figured out if we scored one goal we can sit back and just spend, or if we shut down this one player, you know, we'll win the game. We just got to get, you know, we got to finish our chances. So going on that run was incredible.

Donovan Pines (33:27):

I, I like mine. We became like a band of brothers. I I'm still in contact with the guys today. We're all really close,as honestly like an incredible thing. Like we would have never were, we were like the underdogs, you know, we, we want,a way to,you know, places as like the number one team like Kentucky,Stanford, NC State, Duke, and we played them all away and unbiased and we beat them and it was kind of a Cinderella story. It's pretty, it's pretty awesome. So it was,it was a great experience. Yeah.

Quincy Amarikwa (34:02):

Awesome. And I'll give one last one because it will be a quick one before you bounce. Or, let's see. How are you taller Zlatan?

Donovan Pines (34:13):

Know what? I was actually compare it when I was that game, so when yet we would play at LA galaxy that day.

Quincy Amarikwa (34:22):

Felipe dropped in. What up Felipe!

Donovan Pines (34:25):

Okay. So I think I was comparing, I was sizing myself, you know, how you size yourself against people, you know, always feeling like that. But I was walking through the tunnel and I looked at him like, Oh wow, he's, he's almost as, he's the same height, height as me, maybe even like taller. And I was like, Oh, he's probably a little bit more like girthier, but I dunno, I gotta go like,

Quincy Amarikwa (34:50):

But the how you mental strength is stronger though. Yeah. It's got to look like John John G with the I'm in your head emojis. Jordan's job Lyman. Your emoji. Okay. Okay. Actually, last question. So what are your thoughts on the MSL, bro? What's your overall experience with it? What are your thoughts on it? Takeaways? Oh yeah.

Donovan Pines (35:12):

I think it from, I'll just, I'll start with this, I guess from knowing you as a person and then experiencing the season with you and you teaching me a lot of things that went along with the MSL and your philosophies and, you know, theories of the MSL really prepared me throughout the whole season for what came my way. And so I really progressed and you know, you'd always talk about me leveling up throughout the season. And yeah, you always, you always looked at me, you're like, today you leveled up. And I was like, yes, you know, I'm progressing. You know, even, and the thing is, you know, if you, if you have like, say what we said before, a bad session, but then you go off what you say and you're just like, if this isn't, didn't happen, while that's okay.

Donovan Pines (36:04):

If I did well here, you know, so you got to find the good things and in the way like you go about, I guess you know your dates and make sure you say, okay, I had a good day, I leveled up this day. Let's see if I can level up and practice the next day. If I don't level up tomorrow, then let's see if I can level up. You know, you gotta make sure you take, get the good good takeaways from you know, from every day so you can have, you know, a, a happy life so you can live positive. So

Quincy Amarikwa (36:31):

Love that brother. Hey man, I appreciate you popping in. I've always appreciated your support of the perfect soccer brand and the MSL, bro, and, and join in and I'm excited for your career and as you develop, especially once we get back, back to playing. And anytime you want to hop on, join on in. And we've got plenty of stuff coming here in the future, bro.

Donovan Pines (36:51):

Of course. Yeah. You got some nice gear too. Yeah, check out his gear. It's pretty sick. I, I really liked the ball. And the goal and that video you put together with your son was pretty cool. So it pretty, pretty touching. Yeah. I hope you find a team too soon. Thanks for having me. Appreciate it. Yeah. Have a great night.

Quincy Amarikwa (37:13):

Thanks for that. I'll see you later.

Donovan Pines (37:14):

All right, Quincy. Take care.

Quincy Amarikwa (37:16):

You too. Yo, shout out Don, jump dropping in. Alberto or Albert, what's happening? He had, Heather asked how many red cards have you had? I think in my MOS career I think I had one red card, but once I did straight red, ah, that's actually a story I could tell. So I've had to, I've gotten two red cards in my time in MLS, but only but no direct red card. So I got a double yellow red and then I got a red card, but it was over, it was overthrown. So where was it? So I had just recently, I had just recently gotten treated to yeah, I had just recently gotten treated to Toronto and Oh man, it's probably like the 60th 70th minute of the game. I got subbed in and when I came on our left back, Oh, what was his name now?

Quincy Amarikwa (38:16):

Logan Emory was our left back at the time and we're losing the game and he's gonna throw the ball in and he's, he's taking his time. He's like, Oh, gonna throw up. And he like backs up and he's gonna throw it again. He backs up, he throws it again and then he's going to back up. And I get frustrated. I eventually, I yell at him, I say, throw the F and ball in, right? So I yell at him to throw the ball in and then all of a sudden the referee turns around and comes sprinting straight to my face and pull, goes his back pocket, pulls out a red card and throws it right in my face. And I was like completely threw me off guard. I was like, what, what is going on here? And my my teammate Eric Hasley was the forward, who's up top of me as well too.

Quincy Amarikwa (38:57):

He's coming over next to me and we're both looking at the referee like, what is going on? What's happening, what's, what's going on? And the rep looked us both in the face and said, you told me that I'm an a, you told me that I'm an F an idiot or I don't know what I'm doing. Like something completely opposite of what it was that I'd said. And I looked at him and I was like, listen, ref, I'm, I'm, I promise you on everything I'm looking at me, I'm telling you, I told him to throw the effin ball in so I cost right. I'm not saying I didn't cuss, but I told him, I say, I tell my own teammate to throw the ball in cause he's taking too long. And the rep looked at Eric and he looked at me and he went, Oh really?

Quincy Amarikwa (39:37):

And then Eric, Eric's looking like, yes, like what? Whoa, like what are you talking about man? And he went and I'll, I forget, I forgot which ref, I forgot his name, but when I see him, I, I recognize him. I forgot his name. If you're watching this man, thank you so much for that. I told you, I told him that again and so it kind kinda came full circle. So one he, he, he looked, he said, Oh well I'm sorry, that's my fault. And he put his hand up, he waved off the red car, he put it back in his pocket. I think that's the only time in the history. I want to say that's the only time in the history of like soccer before VAR that a red card was rescinded. And I'm so grateful for him for doing that because he, that's the first time I, I know, I've seen a rep acknowledge that you made a mistake in the moment.

Donovan Pines (40:25):

He admit that he made a mistake and correct it and there's no, you gain so much respect with players when you do this. So this, for those of you referees, listen, when you make a mistake, it's okay to make a mistake. The worst thing you can do with players is deny that you made a mistake and act like you've never made one and you're the authority. You're the, you're the God of everything. Yeah, you're in control of things and decisions, but you're not building Goodwill with players and you want to have and develop good relationships with players over time. But a shout out, shout out their rep. I'm eternally grateful for him for doing that. He he ended up resending it, we played the rest of the game and then I ended up seeing him maybe like a year later at a game and brought it up and he had said, yeah.

Quincy Amarikwa (41:05):

He got suspended from the MLS for, for doing that. They had told them at the time, once you make a decision, you stick to it even if you're wrong, which I think is the dumbest thing you could ever say or do. But good question. Let's see what we got here. More good question. Good story.

New Speaker (41:25):

All right. John's calling in. Let's see, we got John Franklin. Welcome Kevin. I'm in your head emojis guys, better spam that hard button. Get in there. What up John? It's going pretty good, man. What's, what's going on in your neck of the woods?

John Hollinger (41:44):

Nothing much really. You know, just I got back home to Virginia everything since we last spoke when I was in Atlantic City and yeah, just been, been working out here and taking your financial literacy course and spending some time in that and spending some time in my, my, my business and I'm starting up as well, so, yeah.

Quincy Amarikwa (42:11):

Nice. I like that. Okay. I got a question for you and then I'll get, we'll get what your question is. What's your, what's been your overall takeaway so far from that financial literacy course? So what John's talking about is I put together a free financial literacy course for my teammates and friends who were just wanting to understand basically the language of money and how to get started, where to get started. And that's what he's saying he's gone through. So yeah. What is your initial takeaways, your thoughts on it so far?

John Hollinger (42:38):

UDefinitely the pick them, the creative mindset, you know, that, that I was kind of unaware of,uin, in regards to reading money and making money and things like that. UI would say the biggest one is instead of working for money, having money work for you. Okay. Uso yeah.

Donovan Pines (43:09):

Nice. And I know you're just, you kind of just starting out on that journey. Right? So, okay, so initial takeaways from it. Is it, is it difficult? Is it easy? Is it overwhelming? Kind of like, you know, honestly, you're like, there's no wrong answer. Like what has, what's been the initial experience with it so far for you?

John Hollinger (43:30):

Oh, it's super interesting and I'm excited to start applying some of this stuff, like really excited, like to, to, you know, I, I'm excited just by, you know, reading the, you know, I read the book rich dad, poor dad, and, and you know, it's, it's, it's really exciting and I'm, I feel more excited that to start applying some of the stuff.

Quincy Amarikwa (43:53):

Gotcha, gotcha. So you're still, you're still early in the process of at least like, Hey, this is a new language. I'm learning some of the pieces to it. I'm excited to apply it and see how it kinda how it goes. Alright. No, that's good. But I appreciate you kind of sharing that feedback. So what's going on brother? What, I'm going to go one or two questions so I can keep moving my way through everybody. So what do you got for me?

John Hollinger (44:18):

What would be some, what is one thing that you would invest in? I don't know actually. How do I rephrase that? What would you recommend people invest in?

Quincy Amarikwa (44:40):

Okay, let's, first foremost, I am not a financial advisor. So all of this is for education purposes only. And when I share with you guys any type of things related to business or money, I'm letting you know the things that I've done and what I may do. And it doesn't mean that it will work for you or, or it doesn't. So let's make sure we're always keeping in the realm of entertainment purposes, right? When we're talking about the financial side. So I want to make sure that we're getting that out of the way in the sense that my question would say, are you saying in terms of give me a scenario like I have, I have, I have a a hundred hours of time that I'm looking to invest. I have $100 of money that I want to invest.

Quincy Amarikwa (45:25):

I'm starting my own business. I, I have multiple, so like, yes. Yeah. Each person is at a different place in their journey. So based on if you don't know anything about money, the way in which you'd want to be strategic about how you're saving your money is different than someone who said experienced investor. So give me a little bit more context. What I'd be like this weekend just joined did as well to you. What's going on brother?

John Hollinger (45:48):

Someone just starting out. And they've started, you know, bill start like they've, they're just starting out right now and you know, not a lot of money right now.

Quincy Amarikwa (46:02):

Uh okay. Give me a dollar amount so we can just, we'll use that as a positive.

Quincy Amarikwa (46:08):

Okay. So you're just starting out. You have $5,000 okay. All right. So if I'm just starting out, I don't know anything, and I'm S and I have $5,000 I am, and knowing what I know now and how I'd go back.

Quincy Amarikwa (46:24):

Right? So like when you're just starting out, you don't know anything about money and $5,000 you don't know where to start. So where I tell you is first you start with the, the free financial literacy newsletter. Go through that. It's free. You're reading those books and resources. Now you have at least an understanding of foundation of what's out there and what you could get into, which is kind of probably the point that you're at right now. Right. Okay. Most people don't have $5,000 saved up. So if you don't have $5,000 saved up, I'd say that that's a good goal to get to, to shoot to first save up $5,000 right? So if, if you don't know anything, you start with that. With that. If you don't know anything and you've started with that, then your next thing is your, your goal is to save up $5,000 and right there that gives you, that gives you some goal to shoot for in terms of you get to work backwards to see how long it's gonna take you to do that.

Quincy Amarikwa (47:16):

So when you're talking about what are you investing, I think, and I always talk about this, the most valuable asset of yours is time. And you're investing your time and you're hoping that you receive money in exchange for that time. Sometimes you're not receiving any money for your time, right? And some people can invest an hour of their time and make $5,000 and some people can invest an hour of their time and only make $5. Right? So if the goal is to save 5,000, if you can get $5,000 for one hour of your time, it only takes them one hour to hit that goal. But if you only make $5 an hour, right? It's going to take you much longer duration of time. So from there you'll be able to see, based on what I know now and how much money I can make for every hour that I spend working, it will take me six months, one year, two years to save up $5,000.

Quincy Amarikwa (48:02):

If you think it's going to take you two years is too long to save them 5,000, then you should invest your time in learning how to flip items on eBay and Amazon to generate revenue and to make money so you can save at $5,000 faster. Does that make sense on exactly how you go about dialing it in? So everybody, so now we're catching everybody. We're saying, Hey, you don't know anything. Two, you have five. You don't know anything in your $5,000. Well, if you don't know anything or your $5,000, the first thing is to understand how long it would take you to save up that 5,000. Once you once you have that in place, you should have now enough time, invested a couple of new skills and experience to now say, what would I like to invest my $5,000 in? Okay. Then let's say you've got your $5,000 saved up.

Quincy Amarikwa (48:52):

You now know if you invest your time, you can make $5,000 cause you did already. So that means you've already done that. So now you have your $5,000 and you break it up into five buckets. 1000, 1000, 1000, right? 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000 some. We're really breaking down here. Okay, all right. And you're saying, okay, now you're doing it all on percentages. So 20% is 1,020, 20, 20, 20. Right? And now you're saying, okay, 20% goes in my own personal development, 20% goes into my business, 20% goes into my savings account, 20% goes into longterm investment, 20% goes into total risk fit, something I don't know anything about, but I can gamble.

Quincy Amarikwa (49:39):

Got it. And then that's where you invest that that's how I would invest that while I'm working to save up my next $5,000 by the time I've saved up my next 5,000 the things that I've already invested in, maybe it's six months later, I'll see maybe the thing that I gambled on went to zero. The thing that I put in longterm is up 5% I've invested in myself, so now I know where I'm going to put that next thousand and you build and that's how you do it. Nice. Yeah. Got it. There you go. That's a good question man. It takes, yeah, it takes having to put in a little bit of, it takes putting into some work and some research and testing some stuff up at first so at least you can have an a grasp your concept to bring it bring down to, you know what I mean? Yeah. But yeah, but that's how you, that's literally how you do it. And the one thing that hopefully you'll see with that is it takes time, but doing it that way, in my opinion, guarantees that you will be successful. It just might, the future version of you will be successful, not you here right now. And most people want to be successful right now so bad that they sacrifice being successful now and in the future.

Quincy Amarikwa (51:00):

Yeah. But yes, but that's a good one man. What you, you got you got, I get you give you one more and then I'll Monday make sure I get someone else in here if you've got another one for me. Are you good? You don't need, you don't have to, you don't have to come up with.

John Hollinger (51:16):

I'll, I'll let someone else come on.

Quincy Amarikwa (51:18):

All right. Awesome man. Hey John. I yeah man, I appreciate the question. I was a good one bro. Got me, got me thinking how to break it down bro. Our brother will be talking to you soon.

John Hollinger (51:29):

All right brother, take care later.

Donovan Pines (51:33):

That was a good question by John John. You know, you guys spell about heart button and give Johnson shout out in love for putting in that work on. But most definitely off the field. He's been investing in his own personal development and it's, it's great to see. Those are some dope questions from him coming in a very short period of time creations, wave dropping in that those heart buttons.

New Speaker (51:56):

Eli, what's that brother? I had heard that you had a little bit of an issues with someone taking over and trying to take over your account or something, but your back, Jordan asks how much is the new ball? The new ball retails for $89, but I think it's on the store for

Quincy Amarikwa (52:14):


Quincy Amarikwa (52:15):

50, w which includes free shipping and a lifetime warranty. So high level stuff.

Quincy Amarikwa (52:25):


Quincy Amarikwa (52:29):

Yeah, the is 89 and then I think it's on sale right now for 50. So if you're listening to this in the future go check it out. Hopefully it's still 50 bucks, but if not, the retail is 89. Yeah. Eli said he just got hacked. Yo. Yeah. Everyone's spamming that hard button. You don't, you gotta like do authentication on it like with your phone and stuff. But also you lie when I'm telling you we got to keep building that the email list on, on the side, someone went in and changed my username and profile pic. Yeah, it's unlucky. Yeah. Premium texture on that ball. You guys know what it is. Let's see. We got five more minutes here. If anybody else wants to call in we can, we can go ahead and do that. Oh, I think I answered that question on. How do you feel about the Rooney interview? Oh, okay. Question that came in earlier. Do nice people come in first or last nice people come in last at first, but come in first in the end. As long as they stick to it and they don't let the, they don't let the terrible people make them quit. So let's see what we got. E R O X a is joining in. Find me. Hello?

Quincy Amarikwa (53:49):

What's going on man?

Quincy Amarikwa (53:51):

Come on sir. Can you hear me right?

Quincy Amarikwa (53:58):

You got any questions? [inaudible] Yes ma'am.

Quincy Amarikwa (54:07):

My name is [inaudible] [inaudible]. I think they are just dry. I think they're just joining into this to see what was going on. I'm like, what's that bro? The jam. Oh man. What's happening? F Ramirez. Welcome to the live

Quincy Amarikwa (54:26):

We got,

Quincy Amarikwa (54:27):

Yeah, makes sense. Five more minutes already. That's right. When we're, when we're riding that wave time can pass quickly. Bram, what's going on? You want to join in? All right, let's see what we got here. We've got three, three minutes so I can answer a question from U K 23. I don't know where those guys were located, but they weren't speaking English. Yeah. What's up man? I think you're cutting out. How you doing, man? Let me know and let me know your name, where you're calling from.

Brahim Keit (55:05):

Yeah. My name is Brian Tate and I come from… Moncton

Quincy Amarikwa (55:12):

Welcome to the live brother. I've got a couple of minutes here before Instagram kicks me off. So what is your question?

Brahim Keit (55:19):

First of all, I'd like to thank you or you know, to speak to me because I've been trying so much time to speak with you and I always follow you when you were playing for the Montreal Impact. You know, because once we are, you know, with my family and I needed to see you, but I sent you some text, you know, on your DM. But I know it's not easy, you know, when you don't know people so you don't answer it in general. So that's why. But I'm really, really happy to let this baby to grow. Really. I've been, I've been trying for so many times bro. You know?

Quincy Amarikwa (56:00):

Yeah. Well I want to make sure that I, I want to make sure I answer your question cause the Instagram's gonna kick me off in two minutes. So what's your question bro?

Brahim Keit (56:06):

Yeah. So my question is how like did you do like to become a professional soccer player? You know, because it's not easy, you know, there is so many, so many people that's, maybe it's, you know, to play soccer. So when you were in the training, so how did you feel like, did you feel, when did I become a soccer player? Because there is a hundred people who walk the same dream that you, so how did you,

Quincy Amarikwa (56:42):

So I'll try to answer that. So for me it's much different than how it will be for individuals who wants to become a pro now. Right? So I've talked a lot about it in the past, but if you wanted to understand what my path to pro was, you could go to perfect soccer and look for my blog post. It's called how I went from thinking I never play soccer again to playing pro.

Quincy Amarikwa (57:03):

So that really, really breaks it down. Okay. And, but the short version of that is my mentality and the way I played the game is the reason why eventually being pro became an option for me. And when being pro became option, that's when I really went all in on learning everything that I could, could possibly learn in my free time. That would give me the most opportunities to continue to play pro. So the reason why I played pro for over 11 years is because I've had to reinvent myself every year. Every year I've had to learn how to improve and change my game and get better both on and off the field. Because just like you said, Hey, it's really hard to get through to me because you know you've got a bunch of people are sending messages. It takes a bunch of time but eventually you keep working at it.

Quincy Amarikwa (57:50):

You break in just like you have right now. Right. This is a perfect example of that. But the difference is when you break in, you have to take full advantage of the time cause you don't get as much time as the other people who have been in for a long time. Do you? Right. And that's what I learned. I learned that because nobody was letting me in and no one was teaching me anything. I had to work 10 times harder just to get one minute of time, two minutes of time. And then when someone gave me two minutes of their time, I had to take whatever it is they gave me and go and work and do all the research and planning I possibly could on my own so I could get better. And then the next time maybe I'd get a minute here or two minutes there and I just kept building and growing.

Quincy Amarikwa (58:29):

And building and building and building and investing and know and learn that it's never going to look how you want it to. It's never going to be as easy as you want it to, but if you really want it, you're going to have to learn how to to learn and grow quickly over time. So speaking of time in, I got one minute and Instagram's going to kick me off here, but what we can do as well too is if you call in next Thursday, I'll make sure I buzz you in and we could talk a little bit more and get more questions. But the only way that I'll do that is if you make sure if you're going over, you're reading that article and you're joining that link below, create yourself an account and go through the training program for the week. If you do that, I'll let you come in on the live and I'll answer your next, the next question that you have for me there. That sound like a deal [inaudible] man. All right bro. You right and that's how, that's how it works here. Yeah, man. That's how it works here. You guys invest in yourselves, then we can continue to build and keep working and going forward, man. So I appreciate you calling in, bro, and I like how you kept at it.

Brahim Keit (59:36):

Yeah, thank you man.

Quincy Amarikwa (59:39):

You too, brother. All right guys, I got 10 seconds left and I got to cut it off. I appreciate everybody for joining us on the line. Make sure you follow that link below. I'll see you guys here next Thursday, 6:00 PM PST 9:00 PM EST. All right, I'm in your head.