Does Attending College Soccer Camps Help Get Me Recruited?

Do college soccer camp increase your chances of playing at a school?

Does Attending College Soccer Camps Help Get Me Recruited


There are 205 Division 1 Mens Soccer programs, (as of the writing of this article) each recruiting roughly six players a year, depending on the teams numbers.

So roughly, that will be around 1,200 new spots for incoming freshman this year.

There are spots to be had, but you have to go out there and set yourself apart to claim a place for yourself. To do that youll have to go out there and give 110% percent!


Most parents and youth players feel that there is no better way to showcase their abilities in front of a coach, than to attend their soccer camp.

And theyre right!

Going to soccer camps is a great recruiting tool, and one I took plenty advantage of. Doing so helped to make sure I left no stone un-turned. I used camps as a way to show coaches I could play and would be a great addition to their program.

I know a lot of players who went on to play soccer in college, and credit there being recruited to attending their schools soccer camp.

A huge reason for the high number of high school soccer players that are recruited to colleges that they attended soccer camps is because soccer camps allow you quality time around head and assistant coaches. (This is paramount!) Not only that but you can get to see the school itself, speak to current students, team members and get an overall feel for the school too.

Attending soccer camps is one potential part of the recruiting process, and needs to be packaged in a way that coaches know youre going to be at their camps BEFORHAND. (psstwe give you a free mock letter as one of our bonuses.)

It isnt the worse thing in the world to go to a soccer camp and have the coach not know who you are, but you can benefit much more and set yourself apart from your competition if the coaching staff at least knows your name or to look out for you before camp starts.

So to answer the question nearly every parent asks us;

Yes, going to college soccer camps does help to increase your chances of playing soccer collegiately, but only when done correctly.

Here at Perfect Soccer Recruit, we have created a blueprint that makes sure youre always marketing and showcasing yourself in the best light. If you follow the protocol, you can expect to be noticed at soccer camps, instead of being just another player.

Remember, there are only 1,200 spots. What else can you be doing to catch a coachs eye? How persistent are you going to be with making your dreams a reality?

Go to camps, have fun, and show coaches that you will be a great addition to their program!