Do you have to specialize in sport to be good?

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I played a lot of different sports when I was growing up. Soccer, baseball, football, tennis, golf, you name it I did it. I loved sports and loved to compete and play at a high level. Because I played so many sports, I knew there would be a time where I would have to focus on 1, or 2 going forward. In today's article, I give you the three reasons why I feel you should specialize in a sport.


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1. This is your best sport

If you have found success in Soccer, this is probably the sport you should pick. Having the skill set to be successful will only make the game more fun and give you the desire to be the best payer you can be. What happens at times, is players will deny and play another sport, to only regret that decision down the road. It isn't an easy decision, but it is one that needs to be made if you want to stand a chance. If you are struggling with making this decision, you can ask your parents, guardians, coaches, etc. 

2. You need to get reps

With anything, building muscle memory is key to have a chance at improving. Let's paint this picture. Here you're playing three sports on top of soccer, and going to school. You're also a forward trying to work on your shooting Here I am, a one sport athlete (Soccer) who also plays forward. You are trying to find time to practice your shooting because you also have to practice your golf swing, practice your hitting in baseball, and your jump shot in basketball. Here I am specifically practicing my shooting, not having to juggle other sports. I'm sharper in games because I can solely focus on practice and have the energy to play at a high level in games. You are playing multiple games weekly and aren't focusing exclusively on your soccer. 

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3. The other sports you play don’t translate.

Some sports don't translate. Football players are still practicing their craft if they're running track. Soccer is a specific sport that is different from so many sports because of the foot-eye coordination aspects. 

The decision is always yours, and you have to access the pros and cons of specializing in sport. I specialized and felt it contributed to my success in the game.


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