Do Letters to Soccer Coaches Help to Get Recruited?

Why you NEED to send letters to college coaches

Do Letters to Soccer Coaches Help to Get Recruited

College soccer coaches are busy, and their time is occupied by many different activities due to the intricacies of the recruiting process. All that this should mean to you, is that youll have to work hard to get their attention.

The best way to go about doing that is to be very proactive and committed to your recruiting process. Being proactive will create you the best opportunities of playing soccer in college.

What we have seen time and time again, is that those who start early and dont wait until the end of their High School career, see themselves having options. Not only in the opportunity to just play soccer in college, but in where they want to play soccer collegiately.

You might ask, where do I start, and how do I become proactive in my recruiting process?

In previous posts, weve talked about the importance of researching the schools in which youre interested. Weve also talked about working on your game regularly, and improving your abilities to stand out from the crowd.

What is needed now to continue to stay proactive is to start sending out physical letters to college coaches ASAP.

Why should you be sending out letters if an email is an option?

It shows you have taken the time to not only research the school and soccer program, but to reach personally out to the coach.

It shows your interest in the program in a way most recruits do not. Remember, we want you to stand out, and sending an email, initially, will just make you another sheep in the herd. (Later we will discuss the proper way to send emails, but at first, we want you to be focused on sending letters.)

Letters are a great way for a coach to get to know you.

*Remember, there are NCAA rules and regulations forbidding coaches from writing back to you. (That is of course unless youre a senior.) Coaches will typically respond back to you with a letter saying they cannot contact you for a specified period.

Do not be discouraged, this is a real thing!

Our whole approach to the recruiting process is to stand out and do things our competition is not. We want to put something physical and meaningful in the hands of coaches, so when you eventually call, they can put a voice to a name!

Now youve managed to get the attention of college coaches, continue to be proactive and committed to researching all the schools that interest you. The more you can do to stay ahead of your competition both on and off the field, the higher your chances of getting to play soccer at the collegiate level.