Bounce Back From Mistakes

Bounce Back From Mistakes

Mistakes during the game are the worse. It feels as if you have failed your teammates and yourself, and it makes you feel small and less confident. When confidence is low, mistakes seem to happen more often, and the more mistakes don’t make the beautiful game fun. So if you find yourself not able to bounce back from errors during practice or the match, you have come to the right place! In this blog, I give you tips from bouncing back from mistakes.


1. After a mistake, try and keep it simple.


After a mistake try and keep it simple

Mistakes will happen, and that is one thing you’ll have to understand early if you want to form great habits on bouncing back from your mistakes. What I found to be helpful is to keep it simple when you make a mistake. What usually happens in our brains after we make a mistake is to make up for it by trying something riskier the next time we get the ball. That more dangerous pass maybe doesn’t get completed, and now you’ve made two mistakes. This compounds and you find yourself losing confidence and shying away from the game. Coaches will notice this and these lends itself to not showing well for scouts and coaches. Keep it simple after a mistake. Connect on simple 5 to 10 yard passes, and play two touches. This way you’ll see yourself connecting on passes which will build up the confidence to then try riskier things on the field.

2. Have a short memory

I love basketball, and I love Coach K of the Duke Blue Devils. I recently heard him continually telling his players on the court, “ Next play, Next Play.” This is poignant in Soccer too because Soccer is a game that is always flowing and doesn't allow you time to think about the last play. If you’re thinking about the previous play, you have no chance to prepare and be better for the next play. You have to have a short memory and get on with the game.

3. Communicate more

Communicate more


When you make mistakes and keep making mistakes, you find yourself shrinking and getting smaller with your presence. Presence is essential, and you have to find ways to build yourself up and what better way to do this than being a great communicator on the field. I don’t know what it is about communicating on the field, but it helps get you back into the game. Instead of shying away and not wanting to be a part of the game you will find yourself engaged in the game because you’re assisting your teammates and that translates into everyone getting on the same page and finding a rhythm.  

4. If all else fails, run harder and play more aggressive

 If you feel like nothing is working for you, try your best to work hard and play aggressively. Sometimes it is not your day, and that’s okay. Do everything you can, and your coaches and teammates will respect you no matter what.

Stay positive, and if you find yourself getting down and making mistakes, you now have the tools to get through these times. When going through tough times, it is always good to find help. Quincy and I wrote a book that can help you through difficult times because we outlined our nine keys to soccer success. Click the banner below to get your copy today.