Best 2v2 Attacking Drill for Soccer Teams

Soccer is a bit chaotic when the tempo is fast, which is why teams should run good 2v2 drills at practice. These drills allow players to learn to calm themselves down both when they are going towards goal and when they need to reverse track and stop the counterattack.

The 2v2 drill found below is considered to be one of the best because it is both simple and it simulates what players can expect to face in real game situations. This drill helps players work on their speed, improve their agility, and it also helps them stay composed in high-pressure situations.

Setting Up

You would expect most 2v2 drills to have small playing fields, but you actually need a big one for this particular drill. It’s a good idea to make the field 40 yards wide and 25 yards long to encourage the offensive players to be more creative, but you can shrink it down a little or even expand it.

After placing a small goal on both ends of the field, make two evenly-matched teams and line them up on both sides. Each player will be assigned a partner who they will have for the entirety of the drill.

The last bit of setup is simply choosing the first two pairs to face off. Give one team the ball and have the other team defend their respective goal. Only two players from each team will be on the field as the drill is running, but you will see below that the other pairs need to be ready to run onto the field whenever a goal is scored against their side.

Running the Drill

When a team has the ball, both players will try to use the space they have to get around the two defenders and score. The initial matchup will usually be the slowest, but the pace should pick up with each subsequent matchup.

Whenever a team scores, the opposing team will bring two new players onto the field. These two players should quickly grab the ball out of the net and get straight to attacking. The team that scored will need to get ready to defend as soon as the ball goes into the net. The two-player teams get to stay on the field as long as they do not concede any goals.

The first side to score 20 goals wins. You can change this win condition to any amount of goals based on how many players are on each team and how much time you have to run the drill.

Getting the Most Out of this 2v2 Drill

Most players love to run this drill because it is such a fast-paced game, but it’s important that they also know how the drill is going to help them in the long run. They need to focus on playing at a fast pace in a controlled manner.

It is essential that players who come onto the field after a goal is scored get going the other way as fast as possible. Otherwise the team that just scored will have an easy time setting up their defense. This drill should help players have a better understanding of the importance of speed in soccer.

Coaches should remind their players that a big part of this drill is figuring out when to pass and when to shoot. Sometimes it’s better to try to beat a defender 1-on-1, while at other times it’s better to pass it to a teammate and move towards goal.