Bad People Can't Survive the MSL I Mini-Blog #AskASoccerPro Show


Bad People Can’t Survive the MSL

How it works in the MSL is that you admit that you’ve made a mistake or mistakes, you acknowledge them, and then you work past them by improving yourself.

If you’re a bad person, you’re going to have a difficult time in the MSL, because in order to get out, you have to admit to the mistakes you’ve made out loud and do the work to make up for the work you didn’t do before.

There are no shortcuts here ladies and gentlemen, there are NONE. If you see a shortcut, it’s not real, it’s a trap. If someone is telling you there is a shortcut, that is a trap and they are lying to you because they want you to fail.

If there are no shortcuts, how can you speed up your process? You build a team. Your network is your net worth and the way you build your team is how you will stand the test of time. When times get rough, and that’s the nature of not only professional sports but life, you will have the support system that you’re needing to get through anything.

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