Are you part of the solution or the problem?

Are you part of the solution or the problem

Teamwork is critical and only is possible if everyone is on the same page. The only problem is there may be players that think they aren’t a part of the problem when in reality they are. How to accept this and learn from it


1. Are you making sacrifices to make the team better?

What's not okay is to be selfish and not care to be self-honest. When individuals are not self-honest, they hurt the team. When the team surfers, that's a wrap. Good luck getting scouted by coaches. Good luck improving and going for your dreams. The collapse is close but doesn't have to happen if you start to become a better teammate.  The ways to become a better teammate are to adopt habits and behaviors that put the team above yourself. What you'll see is a shift in everything individually and collectively. You'll start seeing the success that you haven't seen before because you aren't entirely wrapped up in your agenda. I speak on gratitude a lot in my IG stories because it helps with your ego and it helps with moving in the direction of growing as a human being. Once you've begun to adopt these principals, you'll need to show through action. Are you getting to practice early and working on your game. Are you staying late to work on your game? Are you a leader to your teammates? Are you accountable? Are you taking self-initiative? Are you making sure you're giving everything for the betterment of the team! This is indeed what being part of the solution looks like.
making sacrifices to make the team better

2. Do you talk trash about your teammates

Trash talking teammates to other teammates is toxic and only shows everyone what kind of teammate you are. Teams are going to go through difficult times, and through difficult times, you have to stick together more than ever.
Teams that are divided will find themselves in positions to fail. Soccer is like a band. If one part of the group isn't doing their part, the band will suffer.
Talk each other up, and be encouraging. It's easy to be negative; it's more challenging to be positive and talk people up

3. What kind of teammate are you when you’re playing?

There is a difference between being a tough teammate and a teammate who is mean and the worse. Don't be the teammate who makes excuses, doesn't work hard, and yells at everyone else. Please do your best to see the best in your teammates and challenge them every day; these characteristics go way beyond soccer too, remember that!
What kind of teammate are you when you’re playing