Top 5 things to do after soccer practice!

Top 5 things to do after soccer practice

Practice just finished, you feel great but wiped out because you gave it 100%! You were proactive and followed the top 5 things to do before practice, now it’s time to make the most of your recovery after practice.

1. Drink water!

    If you are truly training hard enough, your body is going to need water, and plenty of it. Soccer is a very physical and demanding sport, and you’re going to sweat! There are plenty of recovery drinks on the market, some good..some bad. (We’ll write an article in the future speaking to the pros and cons of sports drinks in the future) However, we recommend that it’s most important that you give your body good old H2O. It’s the purest drink out there and is not filled with a bunch of things you don’t need.


    2. Stretch, stretch, and then stretch some more!

       When you push yourself to the limit your muscles will need some extra help, and your recovery regimen is what will keep you in the game for longer. Do some light stretching on the legs, feet, lower back etc. It’s also important to use a foam roller to target your larger muscle groups like your hamstrings, quads, and calfs.


      3. Ice anything that feels sore.

        If you feel like anything might feel extra sore, or if you picked up a bruise while playing, put ice on it right away. Ice is great to help relieve the pain and bring down inflammation in the body. It’s great if you can elevate the muscle or part of your body that is sore above your heart, then put ice on for 20-minute cycles. Do not put ice directly on the skin, place in a plastic bag or towel and wrap around the affected area.

        4. Eat a healthy dinner.

          As we speak about in more detail in our book: The Perfect Soccer Player Blueprint - Master The 9 Keys To Soccer Success, proper nutrition is essential to your soccer improvement. You don’t actually think Messi eats junk food all day or skips meals? Inform your parents that you would like to get serious about the food that is going into your body. There are tons of resources online for recipes but simply put: eat lean protein, unprocessed food, extra servings of vegetables, and healthy grains.


          5. Reflect and record your progress. 


          Reflect and record your progress

          Hopefully, by now, you have started your Soccer Collage (you can read more about it in the Blueprint). Think of the collage as your soccer journal. Before you go to bed at night take a few minutes to write about how practice went, what you did well, where you can improve, and something you are grateful about outside of soccer! Also, take the time to review past entries and goals that you have set for yourself.


          Following these steps along with your pre-practice steps  will help you tremendously towards your goals of playing in college or beyond.


          If you feel that you are willing to put this into action, then we highly recommend you learning more by checking out Perfect Soccer Skills Academy today by clicking here.

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