A ball and a wall, that is all you need!

A ball and a wall, that is all you need



Soccer is a game that involves very little equipment to play. A ball, friends, and something that resembles a goal and you're good! With a kick of the ball, countries unite, friendships blossom, and Soccer is synonymous with being the world's game!

kids playingThe title for this blog post is very self-explanatory and is something that is so necessary, but quickly forgotten when speaking about player development. The benefits of young kids going out and kicking a ball against the wall are endless. This is a great drill because it allows a player to work on numerous aspects of the game.

Some of the basics that kids can start learning is controlling the ball and kicking the ball.Control is necessary if a player wants to be talented. If you're not able to control the ball, success in soccer could be harder than it has to be. The beauty of kicking the ball against the wall is the unpredictability of how the ball will come back. Striking the ball at different speeds and heights will teach kids that they must adjust their bodies to control the ball.

Building up muscle memory is imperative in soccer, the more children practice controlling the ball they will soon begin to progress on to more challenging activities. Some quick games I use to do with a ball on a wall or as followed:

children practice controlling

1. Two touch passing against the wall

2. One touch passing against the wall

3. Headers against the wall 


Once you're able to master these drills, test yourself! Maybe juggle the ball a few times, hit the ball against the wall, and when the ball is returning, try to keep it up in the air! If that's too easy, and you want to try more drills to improve your game, Check out our Perfect Soccer Skills Academy!


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