Why being left footed and right footed is so valuable!!

Soccer is a game that requires a multitude of skill, agility, power, pace, ability, etc. The game is fast paced and very unpredictable. The unpredictability of the game requires players always to be willing to stay focus, train hard, and practice their craft!

Practicing and understanding the importance of working hard is what separates the good from great. The best players in the world put in the hours that are needed to be successful. The best players are ALWAYS willing to do the work so many only talk about! I would encourage any player at there to start putting in the work at a young age.


left footed and right footed is so valuable


I would encourage any player out there to start putting in the work at an early age.The more you’re exposed to the game and willing to be a student of the game, the more you will benefit. One aspect of the game that young players should focus on is their ability to use both feet. Having the capacity to use both your left and the right foot will benefit any player tremeondolously. The reason I believe be two footed has benefit is it makes you even more unpredictable, as a player. Defenders will now have to be very tentative because you’re able to move in either direction,equally effective.

Opposing players will begin to worry about you, and not focus on their game. This will also give players that are two footed an advantage, as mental toughness is just as important as the physical aspects of soccer.

To all the young players out there wanting to improve their game, practice doing everything with both your right foot, and left foot. That means shooting, passing,  dribbling, and trapping! At first this could be difficult, and that is ok! Putting in the work, results will come.


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