How to Be a More Composed Soccer Player

how to be a more composed soccer player


Everyone who steps on a soccer field should aim to be a composed and confident player because it is an essential part of the winner's mentality. Like everything else in the game of soccer, you have to work hard to be a composed player, but absolutely anyone can do it. It is just a matter of knowing how to do it.

Mistakes Should Make You Better

It is not uncommon to see a player make a mistake early in a game and allow that mistake to ruin his or her performance for the rest of the contest. There are a lot of problems with that, but the main one is that you hurt your team as much as you hurt yourself.

The important thing to do when you make a mistake is quickly make a note for later so you can avoid that error in the future, and stay focused on what you need to do the rest of the game. Everyone makes mistakes, but the players who end up looking nearly flawless on the field are the ones who are able to learn from those mistakes and improve each part of their game.

Practice Everything

Practice Everything

Speaking of improving each part of your game, you need to learn each position and every soccer tactic that you can to be the best player that you can be. Too many players put too much emphasis on one or two parts of their game rather than making it a goal to become a complete player.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting extra focus on one of the key areas of your position, but it’s a terrible feeling to be unprepared when certain situations arise in a game. For example, a striker should work on shooting the ball, but they should also work on their long passing skills if a situation comes up where one of their forwards breaks on a great run.

Getting at least a little bit of practice in at every position and doing different situational drills will allow you to be more composed on the ball. You’ll have a better understanding of where your teammates should be and what you need to do if you are forced out of position on the field.

Stay Focused

There are plenty of moments in a game that can make you lose your focus. The other team could score; your team might have to defend for long spells; and even a long winning streak can make you lose your concentration while on the field. When you lose your focus, there is a very high chance that you forget the fundamentals and make a mistake.

The easiest way to maintain your focus for the entire length of a game is to know that every single movement you make on the field changes the game in some way. For example, if you are in the correct position when the opponents pass the ball your way, you will force them to adjust their play and your team could potentially get the ball back. This is why it is so important to learn everything about your soccer formations.

Encourage Your Teammates

No matter how well or poorly you’re doing, it’s important to remember that soccer is a team sport and can only be won with a good team effort. Knowing this, you need to lift other players up when they make mistakes rather than putting your head down. When a teammate knows that you have already moved on, it ups the chances of both you and your teammate being ready for the next play. 

Encourage Your TeammatesNot only does encouraging your teammates pick their mood up, you will also notice that it makes it easier to focus on what you need to do on the field. If it has been a long game and everyone is tired, being able to continue to put effort in does wonders for your team’s chances in the game.

Being a composed teammate is the primary way to be seen as a team leader. If your teammates see that you are staying poised both on and off the ball, they will want to match that composure.


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