3 Easy Drills to Improve Your Agility

3 Easy Drills to Improve Your Agility

3 Easy Drills to Improve your agilityAgility is an essential part of just about every team sport in the world, but it is especially important in soccer since there is constant movement. You have to be able to go quickly in one direction, and just as quickly change directions with minimal effort. If you're a new to soccer, working on your agility is an excellent way to improve both your offensive and defensive abilities.

There are dozens of great agility drills out there that you can do, but the three listed below are simple enough to do right away, and they are proven to work. The main focus of these drills is on improving your agility, so you will not need a soccer ball to complete them.


Soccer Agility Drill #1 – Mini Shuttle

The mini shuttle drill is one that has been used by soccer teams for decades since it is simple to learn and is a great workout. If you know how to run, you will easily be able to do the mini shuttle. The drill teaches players to stop and turn quickly without losing too much momentum, and it's also an excellent way to build up your stamina.Mini Shuttle

  1. You will need three cones (or other markers) for this drill. Grab two of those cones and place them 20 yards apart on a field. Place the last cone at the halfway point (this will be where you start the drill).
  2. Starting from the left side of the middle cone, run to one of the end cones.
  3. Once you reach the cone, quickly turn to the right and run the full 20 yards to the other end cone.
  4. Once you make it to the other end of the field, turn right around the cone and finish at the middle cone.
  5. Repeat the entire drill 5-10 times.

Soccer Agility Drill #2 – T-Sprints

T-Sprints are excellent for soccer players since they teach them to stay balanced while running forward, backward and sideways. It isn’t a very tough drill to do, but it does great things for you on the soccer pitch since the sport requires you to make the very same movements.

  1. This drill requires four cones (or other markers). Place the first two markers 10 yards apart, and then place the other two cones five yards away from the second cone on each side. This will make the “T” shape.
  2. Start the drill at the cone with no other cones on its sides and sprint to the cone 10 yards in front of it.
  3. Shuffle five yards to the left cone.
  4. Shuffle 10 yards to the right cone.
  5. Shuffle back to the middle cone.
  6. Run as fast as you can backward to the first cone.
  7. Take as long as you need to for rest and then repeat the drill.
  8. Repeat this drill 5-10 times.


Soccer Agility Drill #3 – Box Drill

This is the only drill of the three where you will need a friend’s (or coach’s) help. It is a simple soccer drill to get through, though.

The box drill will teach your legs to quickly change directions in game situations as the ball moves around the field. This may be the easiest drill on this list, but it also may be the most important for getting you in game-ready shape.Box Drill

  1. The box drill requires five cones. Place four of the cones in a box shape. Start out by making a box that is five yards by five yards, but you can make it a bit bigger if you want a tougher challenge. Place the fifth cone in the middle of the box. Give each of the four cones around the box a number.
  2. Starting from the middle cone, run to one of the outside cones as your friend calls out random numbers. Once you touch that cone, run as quickly as you can back to the middle cone.
  3. Repeat this drill about 10 times, take a break, and then do it another 10 or so times.

If you want to improve your passing as well, you can receive and return passes as you hit each cone.


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